Apptio Solutions for Cloud

Enable IT, finance, and DevOps teams to optimize cloud resources for speed, cost, and quality.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

Do more than just reduce costs — optimize your cloud spend to bring teams together, fuel innovation and gain more visibility of your cloud costs no matter how complex your infrastructure is.

SaaS License Management

Unlock an accurate picture of your SaaS spend and usage by discovering inactive or underutilized application licenses.

FinOps - Graphic

The FinOps Framework

FinOps is the operating model for the cloud, a set of standards and best practices developed to help cloud practitioners manage and optimize the variable economics of cloud to drive collaboration, informed decision-making, and value.

Mapping Cloud Services to a Standard Taxonomy

Download the Cloud ATUM Poster for the best practices to:

  • Map AWS, Azure, and GCP services to a standard taxonomy
  • Align technology investments to business outcomes
  • Optimize cloud spend to maximize cloud unit economics and innovation

CloudabilityMX Cloud Financial Management Tools


Cloud Financial Management

Connect your multi-cloud, hybrid, and SaaS infrastructure.

Cloudability Shift

Migrate to the Cloud

Analyze, plan, and track migrations to the public cloud.

Cloudability SaaS

SaaS Portfolio Management

Automatically extract license, financial, and contract details.

The Ultimate Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) Framework

As more companies view cloud adoption as a strategic imperative underpinning their digital transformation efforts, they are turning to cloud centers of excellence (CCoEs) to manage the process and ensure organization-wide adoption of best practices.

Trusted by Leading Cloud Adopters

With Cloudability, we managed not only to get full insight into the usage and costs, but also a common language where all departments—technology, business, and finance—were able to communicate and get on the same page.
We have aligned Apptio to our enterprise strategy and improved cost transparency. Within 15 months, the IT team has established complete end-to-end ownership of services with clear visibility into costs.

Ready to see Cloudability in action?

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