The Agile Portfolio Management Tool for Your Lean PMO

Apptio Targetprocess acts as a single source of truth for all agile portfolio management and strategy execution activities — from agile portfolio operations to lean governance and high-level strategy and investment decisions, with the freedom for teams to follow any agile method or their own custom work process.

Implement Company Vision

Visually organize strategic themes and business initiatives to align work plans with company vision. Evaluate lean portfolio of products, new solutions and features, and prioritize them based on your company’s vision and goals.

Analyze your portfolio backlog — importance of individual products, probability of success, available budget, expected revenue, risks, cost of delay, and more — to determine which of them are most valuable to work on. Track the progress of initiatives, automatically make forecasts based on completed work and allocate lean budgets for planned activities.

Visualize Company Portfolios

Apptio Targetprocess uses a visualization approach for agile portfolio reporting and value stream funding to gain transparency into a strategy-to-execution flow and manage company portfolios in a lean-agile way. Create portfolio, solution, PI and team-level roadmaps to visualize progress and keep work aligned with business goals and changing demands. Benefit from clear visibility into which exact work items should be completed next to meet important milestones.

Spot any potential delays before they happen. Manage team allocations and capacity to maximize productivity. Get forecasted budget predictions for initiatives, and be notified when you are in danger of exceeding the allocated budget. Identify risks, plan risk responses, and control risks across portfolio of products to meet important milestones. Visualize portfolio flows on a Kanban board.

Support Team Diversity

Apptio Targetprocess is uniquely flexible to let your teams choose their agile way of working and offers customizable views and reports, and a federated approach with multiple integrations to support an existing delivery flow. Clearly communicate company vision and strategy to teams.

Establish easy collaboration on business initiatives between multiple teams. Easily drill down into ground-level portfolio details to see how work aligns with your larger goals. Support diverse ways of working so that teams can optimize their own processes and delivery. Align your demand with team capacity and allow teams to commit to planned activities.

Large Solution Level

Large Solution SAFe is meant for enterprises that face the biggest challenges — building large-scale solutions that are beyond the scope of a single ART to develop. Solution Trains are used to coordinate the efforts of multiple ARTs and suppliers. Solution Train Engineers (STEs), Solution Management and Solution Architects together coordinate the delivery of business solutions by the Solution Train and its ARTs.

Apptio Targetprocess is the Scaled Agile Framework software that assists with the STE’s goal of aligning people with work and guiding them toward the completion of the wider organization’s needs. The tool also supports Solution Management’s goal to maintain the solution vision and Roadmap, define work-items (capabilities and enablers) and guide the work through the solution Kanban.

Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

Agile Portfolio Management Software plus Team Work

Use Apptio Targetprocess when your business requires more than your current project management tool is ready to provide.  Get a more flexible and robust agile portfolio management software solution that you can use both for team-level work management and agile portfolio operations at an enterprise scale.

Alternatively, get portfolio visibility on top of whatever project management tool is being used by teams and suppliers – be it Atlassian Jira or Microsoft Azure.  Enable the free flow of information between teams using Apptio Targetprocess and teams using JIRA (or some other PM tool) or use Targetprocess as an excellent Jira alternative.

Lean Portfolio Management with Portfolio SAFe

Apptio Targetprocess is a perfect fit for full-fledged enterprise agile portfolio management. It is flexible to adapt to your enterprise work management environment and easy to set up for the Portfolio SAFe or Full SAFe configuration. Moreover, we provide fantastic customer support to make your agile scaling smooth and guide you in the tool adoption.

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Apptio Targetprocess professionals certified by Scaled Agile for SAFe 5.0

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