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Simple, accurate and transparent IT service planning.

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ApptioOne Demand is a collaborative planning tool that aggregates demand for IT services from the business units who consume them. By leveraging actual historical costs and volumes, ApptioOne Demand ensures service owners and service consumers work together to complete their planning processes, and IT organizations accurately plan for the demand of the resources they provide to inform their overall IT spend.


  • Source and aggregate service demand from business units.
  • Perform variance analysis and scenario planning through plan compare feature.
  • Collaboration between service owners and consumers to plan accurately.
  • Track consumption and its impact on unit rates to improve unit rate accuracy.
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  • Source and aggregate service demand from business units
    Business relationship managers and business owners enter demand for volumes.
  • Plan, track and influence consumption
    Business units adjust service demand by understanding upcoming consumption costs and variance to previous year.
  • Improve unit rate accuracy
    Service costs calculated from a standardized cost model deliver more defensible unit rates.

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Source and aggregate service demand from business units

IT finance and resource owners must either project the future consumption—and associated costs—of their resources, or source the demand for those resources from business units directly. A standardized, shared framework quickly captures demand directly from business units and eliminates siloed, error-prone spreadsheets.

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Plan, track, and influence consumption

Low confidence in forecasted service demand burdens the IT budget with excessive contingency or over-provisioned infrastructure. Tracking consumption and understanding the impact of demand changes on costs and unit rates, reduces budget padding and waste from over-provisioning.

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Improve unit rate accuracy

Inaccurate unit rates leads to showback uncertainty. Comparing actual unit rates to both budgeted rates and rates in the most recent forecast increases unit rate accuracy.

ApptioOne Demand delivers value for key roles

Service Owner
Plan and Manage Services
  • What is the upcoming demand for business service? What are the costs I need to plan for?
  • How does a change in consumption affect the cost? What are the services I need to plan for to support the demand of the business units?
Business Unit Owner
Business Needs
  • What are all the business services my team will consume to support organization goals?
  • What are my forecasted costs?
Business Relationship Manager
Improve Transparency
  • What are all the business services a business might consume?
  • What are the associated consumption costs for a business?
  • What is the aggregated demand for a service and what is its variance to last year?

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case ApptioOne ApptioOne Plus ApptioOne Demand ApptioOne Billing ApptioOne Benchmarking
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Make informed staffing decisions
Manage asset lifecycle cost
Optimize vendor spend
Grow and optimize investment portfolio
Accelerate forecasting cycles
Categorize applications and services
Optimize application TCO
Rationalize your application and service portfolio
Manage business consumption
Source and aggregate service demand
Plan, track and influence service consumption
Improve unit rate accuracy
Recover costs directly from business units
Strategically price services to shape demand
Benchmark and optimize spend
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Fonctionnement d'Apptio

Notre plateforme est le système d'exploitation de référence pour la gestion financière de l'IT.

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